Bright Hope Orphanage

The state of poverty of the people is extremely worrying. The following factors may help to illustrate the situation.

Between 54%-65% of Pakistan live below the poverty line of one dollar per day. The War against terror, fatal disease and poverty is responsible for the death of 215 Pakistani each day.

We seek your favour and support in generating resources to help, care and support to widows and orphans, especially those living alone without care and support.

Many orphans are very desperate, lonely, abandoned, abused, neglected, rejected and suffering of hunger, disease, nakedness and they are forgotten by the outside world. Some of them look for food at the municipal garbage site and sniff glue every day to help them go through the pain and cold nights, depression and hardships. They need someone to rescue them. They need shelter; food, clothing, education and medical care to bring them back into normal life.

You may not be able to come Pakistan to help personally but you can help greatly be supporting a Widow or Orphan, you can change a child’s life forever. Give them hope and purpose

Project Manager  Beenish Sardar

“Helping the less fortunate”  

Bright hope Orphanage was started in 2013 with few orphans kids now BHM is taking care of 15 girls and boys bright hope is providing shelter and taking care of these children's BHO is not yet sponsored and we welcome you become a finical partner of this project.

Hope orphans exists to provide shelter ,care to orphans, vulnerable children, At hope orphans, we take a long-term approach to what we do and go beyond simple involvement in the lives of the children and people we serve.

We believe that every life matters and our passion is to see those we work with follow their heart, pursue their dreams, receive the love of the Father, and live life with purpose!

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Head Office: D-2 Barakt Jalal Colony Youhanabad Lahore, Pakistan
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Tel:  +92-321-3242000 

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