Love Your Neighbor is to make known others the grace of Jesus Christ.
Knowing God is love and God's love for us is enough. It needs to be developed. Dear friend Imagine if you have a bag of top-notch seeds. Would they produce a crop all by themselves? No. You need to Plant these seeds into soil and cared for. Grace takes the seed of his love and the soil of our heart and creates fruit for the kingdom of God. 
The Bible says, “it’s God who works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure” 

(Philippians 2.13). Loving him and our neighbor pleases him. 

Grace helps us do this. Grace teaches us proper love and respect for ourselves and for our neighbors. Freely receiving his grace empowers us to freely give it.

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Pakistan is a poor country and still fighting for economic stability, security, education and health needs for its people. There are countless issues of corruption and injustice in almost every field of life. Unfortunately, its rating for corruption is seventh in the world. Women and children's are one of the most vulnerable groups that we simply cannot ignore.

Bright Hope in working on various projects but all are united in one platform that is called bright hope. Here are some recent project in which bright hope is engage  

Reaching to Lost

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Widows Support 

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Prison Mission

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Children Mission

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