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Upholding Faith: Christians Facing Persecution

On August 16, 2023, in Pakistan, Faisalabad Jaranwala our community was subjected to a horrifying attack carried out by extremist groups. The attack led to the burning down of churches, a Christian cemetery, and two Colonies. The aftermath of the attack has left nearly 60 to 75 houses reduced to ashes, and the destruction extends to all belongings, including household items, electronic devices, and daily essentials.

Damage and Impact:

Almost 400 families being affected directly by this attack including the families those are living in surrounding villages The attack has had a profound impact on the lives of the affected families. The extent of damage can be summarized as follows

Community Resilience:

Despite the devastation, our community remains resilient. The spirit of unity and hope persists, driven by faith and determination to rebuild and recover from this tragedy.


The attack has left a deep scar on our community, but it has also revealed the strength of our unity and the compassion of individuals who are willing to help. We call upon individuals and organizations to provide the urgent assistance needed to alleviate the suffering of the affected families. Your support will play a crucial role in helping us overcome this crisis and rebuild our community.

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