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Brick Line Ministry

Bright Hope Ministries is working on the bricks factories between the slave labor. we are providing them education and other helps against to persecution. Faisal Manzoor with her wife beenish Sardar Regularly visit to Brick Kiln for sharing gospel of Jesus Christ


Rural Pakistani society is deeply patriarchal, and it is rare for women to have a say in family financial matters.If the women have any complaint, they must notify the owner of the kiln where they work. But to my knowledge, there is no such demand or objection. story by a women. I have asked the owner of my brick kiln several times not to give our remuneration to my husband My husband is a drug addicted and he spends all of my and his two daughters' income to fulfill his drug cravings she have been beaten by her husband for demanding wages
The atmosphere is very tough, but we can't stop working. There are many women who get beaten up by their husbands whenever they demand money, but are unable to leave them

we did prayer for them and heard their story thousands of women producing bricks in Pakistan are not being paid directly, and the industry has no record of these workers, their work or earnings. The system of debt-bonded labor, family norms, patriarchal attitudes and illiteracy are the main causes of the exploitation of women workers Women shape mud into blocks that will become bricks, a skill most acquired from their mothers. However, women are not being paid directly by the kiln owners. The wages they earn are paid to the male heads of their families.

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Illiteracy is also a big source of all these problems. People don't know even about their rights and also don't have contact with the concerned authorities.

Please stand with us in prayer for all of them so that we can do something good reassuring for them

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